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Nourish Range

Hair as dry as your [virtual] work drinks? Enter our nourishing coconut water range! With up to 60% coconut water full of potassium and antioxidants, it hydrates your hair while providing a smooth and glossy finish and a delicious coconutty scent.

Product Description:

  • Our nourishing shampoo, conditioner & hair mask gently hydrate the hair helping to eliminate frizz while the nutrient and mineral-rich coconut water works as a natural moisturiser, leaving your hair super shiny!
  • Coconut Water supports cell growth & hair follicles to revitalise hair.
  • High levels of potassium hydrates & sooths split ends.


How To Use

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Repairing Coconut Shampoo, Conditioner & Hair Serum, 400ml (2 units), 150ml (1 unit)


Scalp Coconut & Guava Shampoo, Conditioner & Hair Scrub, 400ml (2 units), 250ml (1 unit)